Used to express great approval, especially of a performance.

[Italian, superlative of bravo, fine; see bravo1.]


very well done! excellent!
[C18: from Italian, superlative of bravo]


(brɑˈvɪs əˌmoʊ, -ˈvi si-)

(used to express the highest praise to a performer.)
[1755–65; < Italian, =brav(o) bravo + -issimo superlative suffix]
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But, that's all set to change with a Taco Bell expected to open in the former Bravissimo shop in Bold Street in the new year.
BRAVISSIMO, the popular retailer that specialises in lingerie and swimwear in D+ cup sizes, is opening a store in Birmingham.
DIGBETH creative agency Giants and Titans has completed an online project for well-known lingerie brand Bravissimo.
This one, from Bravissimo in Glasgow's Ingram Street, is more for the comfort of my fellow dancing castmate Ryan, than for myself.
Mobile payment innovation Zapp, which has been developed by the company behind Link cash machines, has unveiled a string of firms where customers will be able to use the new technology, which also includes Spar, Clarks, Dune, Best Western, Siemens, Thomas Cook, Bravissimo as well as Shop Direct.
Now she joins a high-powered judging panel that includes Dame Mary Perkins, co-founder of Specsavers; Sarah Tremellen, founder of lingerie and clothing retailer, Bravissimo Ltd; and Colin Gillespie, co-founder of All Response Media.
If you're not sure they have what you need, you can head to Bravissimo.
Natasha Hatwell, from Bravissimo, said women needed to check their bra size regularly.
Bigger boob experts Bravissimo recommend that women have regular bra fittings to ensure their boobs look and feel the best they can.
Denim dress, pounds 55, from Bravissimo and bag, pounds 195, from Hobbs, Touchwood (shoes model's own).
Nominations were received in the first round of the competition with a top five shortlist drawn up of Vivienne Westwood, John Lewis, Dune, Bravissimo and the Dog and Parrot pub.