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bray·er 1

One that brays, especially a donkey.

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bray·er 2

n. Printing
A small hand roller used to spread ink thinly and evenly.
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"He was fumbling and kept talking quickly, quickly in French, you know: Il faut le battre, le fer, le brayer, le petrir....
The students roll their ink on a brayer and ink their wood block at Station 1, then they carry their inked block to their table (Station 2) and print it onto their paper.
They then rolled a brayer over the entire surface to transfer the color from the filter to the absorbent paper beneath it.
Grade 9: Kadin Angel, Carsyn Ashley, Bryce Bieber, Samantha Blaney, Gage Brown, Gunnar Dean, Brayer Denton, Emma Dorn, Alexis Everley, Heaven Hegwood, Amanda Huner, Jaciana Lawrence, Izaiah Lees, Lukas Lehman, Malaiah McCrory, Emma McFarland, Jessica Pollman, Alivia Reed.
Brayer Arias-Colazo, 24, of the 100 block of Woodland Court, was taken into custody Monday by Carpentersville and Barrington Hills police officers, according to the Kane County sheriff's office.
The final step included a demonstration to introduce the method of using a brayer and how to print their image.
You may have a table arranged as a "printing station," but you still need to remind students not to use one brayer color with another color.
I showed students how to brayer the correct amount of ink on their plates and print them, again using the burnishing method rather than a press.
Brayer Arias-Colazo, 24, of the 100 block of Woodland Court, was charged April 19 with eight counts of felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless homicide and speeding more than 35 mph over the limit on Nov.
If a brayer is available, this should be kept at their seat as well.
Demonstrate the process of preparing the ink, using the brayer, and pulling a print.
Recently hired Richard Brayer said being at The Danish Home fulfills his passion to work for the "greater good and give back." Brayer has over 25 years of experience in marketing and leadership in not-for-profit organizations.