breach of warranty

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Noun1.breach of warranty - a breach that occurs when an item is deficient according to the terms of a warranty
breach of contract - a breach of a legal duty; failure to do something that is required in a contract
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Two areas where Verhoff sees frequent success involves defending vehicle manufacturers against lemon laws and breach of warranty claims, and obtaining judgments on a regular basis against delinquent consumers on behalf of a large utility company.
Lawyers in Australia are also looking towards launching a class action - where one lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group - citing "negligence, breach of warranty, and a violation of consumer trust".
Moving forward, the legal framework for autonomous vehicle accident liability will be segmented into strict product liability, breach of warranty liability, misrepresentation liability and negligence liability.
In the example above, the owner may assert claims directly against the subcontractor for breach of the subcontract, breach of warranty, negligence, or other claims arising out of the subcontracted work for the project.
Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which governs transactions for the sale of goods, stipulates that the statute of limitations is four years for any lawsuit asserting breach of contract or breach of warranty claims.
Prior to the reforms, a breach of warranty by the insured would discharge the insurer from all future liability under the policy as from the date of the breach.
This year's trial involved allegations of strict liability and breach of warranty over the design of a casket handle.
According to NBC, "the breach of warranty lawsuit results from the automaker's quest to 'go green' by using soy-based biodegradable wire coating.
order to assert a breach of warranty claim (19) (thus the buyer can have
The disposal of RB Securities remains subject to conditions precedent that the purchaser, obtains approval from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to become a substantial shareholder of RB Securities and no breach of warranty prior to Completion.
Hoekstra says that her son has sustained permanent injury and will require future corrective surgeries and brings claims for strict liability, negligence and breach of warranty against the companies, seeking more than $50,000 in damages.
Must a breach of warranty cause the loss to void coverage?