bread line

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also bread line  (brĕd′līn′)
A line of people waiting to receive food given by a charitable organization or public agency.
below the breadline
Extremely poor.
on the breadline
Dependent on public donations of food.
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bread′ line`

a line of people waiting for free food to be distributed by a government agency or charitable organization.
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Noun1.bread line - a queue of people waiting for free foodbread line - a queue of people waiting for free food
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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Bread line - creative commons image via flickr - James Buck CAIRO - 22 May 2019: Minister of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa announced allocating LE 300 million ($17.71 million) for the neediest villages and the Education Support Fund.
Figures show that more than 7,000 children were living below the bread line in Aberdeenshire last year.
in a bread line. A horde scored my tongue, broke bones, jabbed needles in the quick of my nails.
The decision taken not to pull the rug from under hundreds of thousands of people who are on the bread line, despite the fact that they are working for a living, was the right one.
Their irresponsible decision-making impacts on the living standards of those often struggling to make the bread line and their families.
The Invisible Chef's popular Bake-It-Quick Bread line got a fresh, new box design and style that will complete the cleaner look they previously launched with the Coffee & Tea Cakes Collection last year.
We are paying for these clowns, while we live on the bread line.
True by pre-war standards the price was exorbitant but at least we can be together even though we are only just managing to keep off the bread line.
On our website, Debbie Bell posted: "Good - too many people suffering from this and it's never the rich that get targeted, it's the people on the bread line which pushes our kids further into poverty."
The company's latest stage of this investment is the opening of a new bread line at its Walthamstow plant.
Member Mark Johns, 29, said the changes, which charge council tenants extra for any "empty" bedrooms they may have, would force people off the bread line and into outright poverty.
Premier Foods agreed to sell the business in late October in a drive to focus efforts on its grocery business and on building value in its bread line.