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1. A board on which bread is sliced or dough is kneaded.
2. An experimental model, especially of an electric circuit; a prototype.
3. A thin, blank, often white board on which a prototype circuit with numerous connections for circuit elements is constructed.
tr.v. bread·board·ed, bread·board·ing, bread·boards
To construct an experimental model of (an electric circuit, for example).

bread′board′ing n.


1. (Cookery) a wooden board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced
2. (Electrical Engineering) an experimental arrangement of electronic circuits giving access to components so that modifications can be carried out easily


(ˈbrɛdˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. a board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced.
2. a circuit board on which electronic components can be easily rearranged or replaced for preliminary design or testing.


A board ranging in size from about 15?20 inches to about 20?30 inches. It was usually stored like a drawer in the kitchen cabinet and was used as a small table on which to knead bread and roll out pie dough.
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Noun1.Breadboard - a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is slicedbreadboard - a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced
board - a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"


[ˈbredbɔːd] N (in kitchen) → tabla f para cortar el pan (Comput) → circuito m experimental


[ˈbrɛdbɔːrd] n
(wooden)planche f à pain
(COMPUTING)montage m expérimental


[ˈbrɛdˌbɔːd] ntagliere m (per il pane) (Comput) → pannello per esperimenti
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The Grove series is a collection of single-function modules with standardized connectors to simplify building electronic circuits without solder or breadboards.
com)-- Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light[R], introduces an expanded product line of low-cost aluminum breadboards and accessories for basic photonics research and OEM optical assemblies.
The five-day event in June will focus on teaching prototyping skills -- including schematics, breadboards, Gerber files, soldering, and stenciling.
We had to make sure the power rails on all three breadboards were a perfect match, particularly since only the first half of the circuit needed a +/-12v supply whilst the rest only required +12v, and use basic wires to connect all the rails together.
food being served on breadboards with old paint, and
Adding natural timber really softens things and you can do this by simply adding wooden accessories - try timberframed artworks, breadboards, storage bins or even placemats to bring home the beauty of wood.
Phase II was the fabrication of breadboards (alpha prototypes) that demonstrated function and potential and resolved any shortcomings of the existing system within the constraints specified.
Let's not overlook this opportunity before we rush to start "cutting chips" or "wiring breadboards.
device programmed to generate random ideas for artworks that the artist was then obliged to realize (casting the largest available Kentucky Fried Chicken meal in lead or using breadboards as supports for 365 paintings, for instance).
Vintage breadboards and chopping blocks sell for pounds 500 and coffee mills for pounds 100.
Giant tasty baps and crunchy sandwiches served on huge breadboards are the lunchtime fare.
They built breadboards into spaces beside the oven, refrigerator, and sink, and pot storage near the cooktop.