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One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one's dependents.

bread·win′ning n.
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a person supporting a family with his or her earnings
ˈbreadˌwinning n, adj
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(ˈbrɛdˌwɪn ər)

a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who supports dependents.
bread′win`ning, n.
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Noun1.breadwinner - one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents
earner, wage earner - someone who earn wages in return for their labor
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عائل الأسرة
živitel rodiny
živiteľ rodiny
ailenin geçimini sağlayan kişiekmek parası kazanan


[ˈbredˌwɪnəʳ] Nsostén m de la familia
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[ˈbrɛdwɪnər] nsoutien m de famille
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nErnährer(in) m(f), → Brotverdiener(in) m(f)
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[ˈbrɛdˌwɪnəʳ] nchi mantiene la famiglia, chi porta i soldi a casa (fam)
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(bred) noun
1. a type of food made of flour or meal baked. bread and butter.
2. one's living. This is how I earn my daily bread.
ˈbreadcrumbs noun plural
very tiny pieces of bread. Dip the fish in egg and breadcrumbs.
ˈbreadwinner noun
a person who earns money to keep a family. When her husband died she had to become the breadwinner.
bread and butter
(a way of earning) one's living. Writing novels is my bread and butter.
on the breadline
with barely enough to live on. The widow and her children are on the breadline.

bread and butter takes a singular verb.
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Another era had dawned, new customs, new fashions sprang into life, all as lusty as if they had been born at twenty-one; as quickly as two people may exchange seats, the daughter, till now but a knitter of stockings, became the breadwinner, he who had been the breadwinner sat down to the knitting of stockings: what had been yesterday a nest of weavers was to-day a town of girls.
I am only the breadwinner, why should I be coddled--why, why, why!"
With these provisions reducing taxes for upper income breadwinners, the direct impact of the early twenty-first century tax reforms is a dramatic upward redistribution of tax support for income production.
In the early twentieth century, female breadwinners were in a position of powerlessness, their continued employment was often dependent on the goodwill of other women to assist with their caring responsibilities enabling them to work.
1 / 4 Around 100 women trainees were taught skills to help manage, market and sell products that will improve the living conditions of family breadwinners. (SPA) 2 / 4 Around 100 women trainees were taught skills to help manage, market and sell products that will improve the living conditions of family breadwinners.
100 female trainees received the skills of preparing the feasibility study for projects, management and marketing of products manufactured by trainees to achieve returns that contribute to improving the living conditions of family breadwinners.
The budget is anchored on the total income generated by the breadwinner or breadwinners of the household.
"Mastora project still provides economic opportunities for female breadwinners, who have no permanent income, to cope with the daily burdens," said Tamer Abdel Fatah, the financial managing director of Long Live Egypt Fund.
Many Filipino families can cross the poverty line if jobs are created to allow two family members to become breadwinners.
In Egypt, there are 12 million female breadwinners, according to the National Centre for Social and Criminological Research.
"The maximum for eligibility will be BD2,000 a month based on breadwinners with the condition that the minimum payment should be half of that earned.