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One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one's dependents.

bread·win′ning n.


a person supporting a family with his or her earnings
ˈbreadˌwinning n, adj


(ˈbrɛdˌwɪn ər)

a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who supports dependents.
bread′win`ning, n.
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Noun1.breadwinner - one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents
earner, wage earner - someone who earn wages in return for their labor
عائل الأسرة
živitel rodiny
živiteľ rodiny
ailenin geçimini sağlayan kişiekmek parası kazanan


[ˈbredˌwɪnəʳ] Nsostén m de la familia


[ˈbrɛdwɪnər] nsoutien m de famille


nErnährer(in) m(f), → Brotverdiener(in) m(f)


[ˈbrɛdˌwɪnəʳ] nchi mantiene la famiglia, chi porta i soldi a casa (fam)


(bred) noun
1. a type of food made of flour or meal baked. bread and butter.
2. one's living. This is how I earn my daily bread.
ˈbreadcrumbs noun plural
very tiny pieces of bread. Dip the fish in egg and breadcrumbs.
ˈbreadwinner noun
a person who earns money to keep a family. When her husband died she had to become the breadwinner.
bread and butter
(a way of earning) one's living. Writing novels is my bread and butter.
on the breadline
with barely enough to live on. The widow and her children are on the breadline.

bread and butter takes a singular verb.
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We created additive scales of responses to the indicators within each of the three types of masculine attractiveness and created binary indicators of agreement along each of the three dimensions: relationship orientation, physical attractiveness, and breadwinning values based on the direction of the agreement within the scales.
Most young people do not believe they will ever live in a family grouping that includes a breadwinning father, a stay-at-home mother, and their two-to-three small children.
Hegemonic masculinity" is still defined by breadwinning and work-competence, as these roles are "central to the dominant cultural understandings of manhood.
Although I'm sure it could easily rustle up some handy tips on how to perform emergency needlework on your weary breadwinning hubby's trousers.
A groom's ring signaled an identity rooted in marriage, in personal concerns, rather than one centered on breadwinning or class consciousness.
Gender and breadwinning in dual-earner marriages: book review.
He holds the true conservative belief that the "state of nature" is something very bad, and that society is essentially civilizing, not corrupting; men in particular are inherently brutish, but can be turned "toward pro-social purposes" by marriage and fatherhood, which allows them to channel their aggressive impulses into breadwinning.
Surely, some of this male abdication can be explained by the very thinness of the traditional paternal role worshiped by the preachers of "values"; it's little more than breadwinning, discipline and fishing trips.
The NOGA General Director cited the significance of the fisheries sector, praising fishermen's efforts and role in providing healthy, nutritious seafood which is also their sole source of breadwinning and their contribution to preserving this ancient profession and Bahraini heritage which is also an important economic activity that the Government, led by HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister, have always striven to develop, praising the positive role of the Fishermen's Society.
The first of the constructed narratives is characterized by "traditional" parental roles, where breadwinning is central to the male-gendered parental role, while taking care of the child and housekeeping are the primary maternal responsibilities.
She added that the government aims to achieve equality between men and women in regards to rights and opportunities, through reducing the number of breadwinning women living under the poverty line to 12 percent in 2020 and to zero percent by 2030.