break dancing

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break dancing

also break·danc·ing (brāk′dăn′sĭng)
1. A form of nonrhythmic urban dance characterized by acrobatic and gymnastic movements.
2. See breaking2.

break dance n. & v.
break dancer n.
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break′ danc`ing

vigorous acrobatic dancing often performed to rap music.
[1980–85; perhaps from break (definition 81)]
break′ danc`er, n.
break′ dance`, v.i.
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Noun1.break dancing - a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the groundbreak dancing - a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground; normally performed to the rhythm of rap music
dancing, terpsichore, dance, saltation - taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
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Potential inclusion of break dancing would appear to chime with the IOC's efforts to ensure the Games appeal to young people and continue the urbanisation of sport.
And with break dancing featuring in the youth Olympics it's a really exciting time to be putting on the break dance festival.
He said that break dancing is popular with younger people and a number of dance schools here are also teaching this style of dance to their pupils.
Members of the Lions Crew, a break dancing group in Casablanca, practice at the culture center L'Uzine.
Nike, a Puerto Rican boy, is fixated on having "fly" clothes and winning a break dancing competition.
A high energy action-packed show, the spectacle is a mix of comical acts and award-winning break dancing against a family-friendly backdrop.
Fast becoming renowned for his exhilarating choreography, James's work draws on martial arts, break dancing and capoeira - Brazilian martial arts that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music - to create raw, earthy and ground-breaking performance.
There were also beatboxing sessions, break dancing, comedy, story telling, roller skating, craft and photography.
Break dancing is a form of street dance that mixes hip-hop with gymnast-caliber strength in the form of flips and handstands.
Summary: A six-year-old girl has taken the break dancing world by storm at a recent competition in suburban Paris.
"He taught me a lot of break dancing moves and then I incorporated them into my style of dancing.
Urban Flo holds dance classes in styles including street, hip hop, break dancing and various styles popular in the clubs.