break open

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Verb1.break open - open with force; "He broke open the picnic basket"
open, open up - cause to open or to become open; "Mary opened the car door"
2.break open - come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure; "The bubble burst"
pop - burst open with a sharp, explosive sound; "The balloon popped"; "This popcorn pops quickly in the microwave oven"
blow - burst suddenly; "The tire blew"; "We blew a tire"
stave, stave in - burst or force (a hole) into something
come apart, break, split up, fall apart, separate - become separated into pieces or fragments; "The figurine broke"; "The freshly baked loaf fell apart"
3.break open - erupt or intensify suddenly; "Unrest erupted in the country"; "Tempers flared at the meeting"; "The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism"
deepen, intensify - become more intense; "The debate intensified"; "His dislike for raw fish only deepened in Japan"
References in classic literature ?
Then I wanted to arrange some contrivance to break open the doors of bronze under the White Sphinx.
He said readily, that the way was to keep them off with our great shot as long as we could, and then to use our small arms, to keep them from boarding us; but when neither of these would do any longer, we would retire to our close quarters, for perhaps they had not materials to break open our bulkheads, or get in upon us.
Therefore, I say, let us get our warrant and our spade and our hatchet, and go up and break open that coffin.
Mr Mohammed said the thief had clearly come prepared to break open the 300kg safe.
The popular Point Break Open Water Challenge kicks off on 10 March 2013 at Lake Oanob Resort.