break short

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Verb1.break short - interrupt before its natural or planned end; "We had to cut short our vacation"
hang up - interrupt a telephone conversation
break, interrupt - terminate; "She interrupted her pregnancy"; "break a lucky streak"; "break the cycle of poverty"
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Your highness must break short this present mummery.''
THE Taoiseach heads off on holiday this weekend but continuing uncertainty over Brexit threatens to cut his break short.
Friend has worked hard at Rockliffe over the summer, cutting his break short to ensure he did all possible to recover from an injury picked up at the back end of last season.
Ms Newbould who vowed never to return again said she "couldn't bear another night" and cut her PS200 five-day break short.
But they had to cut their break short for Neil to organise his trip.
What should not come into your thoughts right now is how you feel about the manager's decision to cut the summer break short. This is not about any personal issues.
But as much as he is in demand, 30-year-old James, who lives in Peckham in South London, seems unaffected, today treating all the Grantchester crew on set to ice cream as a surprise - and cutting his precious lunch break short to squeeze in interviews.
She is even cutting her summer break short so she can involve the new first year students immediately with plenty of events organised for freshers' week.
The 30-year-old insisted on cutting his post-World Cup break short to take part in Everton's tour of his home nation and is ensuring all of his team-mates are not treating the far flung excursion as a holiday.
Healy is currently on holiday with his girlfriend, Kelly Smith and another couple in Lanzarote, but is ready to cut his break short if the call comes in from the FAI.