break water

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Verb1.break water - show the fins above the water while swimming; "The sharks were finning near the surface"
swim - travel through water; "We had to swim for 20 minutes to reach the shore"; "a big fish was swimming in the tank"
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An amount of Rs 200 million has been allocated for construction of Break water Groyne wall and allied work at Eastbay (Demizer) and Rs 88 million for construction of Senior Superintendent Police, Lines Headquarter for National Highway and Motorway Police.
An amount of Rs 38.8 million has been released for feasibility study for construction of break water, whereas Rs 20 million for Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar.
The delegation of Fishermen informed CM Balochistan regarding protection of their boats in break water and construction of Eastbay Express.
Kids ages 9 and older will learn how to turn an old LED flashlight into an Energy Drink Tester using aluminum foil and electrical tape; mix cornstarch and water to make Non-Newtonian Goo; use a 9-volt battery and thumbtacks to break water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen; create edible Sweet Crystals from a saturated sugar solution; construct your own Three-Penny Battery from galvanized washers, pennies, vinegar, and scrap cardboard; and so much more!
Lifeboats from Holyhead launched just after 8am to assist the crew on board the 40ft vessel which was being blown to Holyhead break water by an easterly force six wind.
The artificial leaf that is made from silicon, electronics and several catalysts, giving rise to chemical reactions inside the device uses sunlight to break water into oxygen and hydrogen that can be used to generate electricity in a different fuel cell
This development program which will be implemented under two phases will involve the repairs to the existing break water, jetty and deepening of the harbor.
Route No 5 - Break Water, Marina Mall to Al Mina Shopping Centre via Zayed First Street, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi Mall and Vegetable Market.
Moreover, Rs 117.600 million have been released for Feasibility Study for Construction of Break Water (CPEC) and Rs 8.582 million for Establishment of CPEC Support Unit (CSU) for Projects and Activities in GPA while Rs 45 million for Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar (CPEC), Rs 30 million
The delegation apprised him of their problems especially with regard to construction of East Bay Break Water.