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or break-e·ven  (brāk′ē′vən)
Marked by or indicating a balance, especially between investment and return.
1. The point, especially the level of sales of a good or service, at which the return on investment is exactly equal to the amount invested.
2. The point at which the energy produced by a system is equal to that put into it, thereby rendering the system self-sustaining. In both senses also called break-even point.


or break′e′ven,

of or designating the point at which income, as from sales of a product or service, is exactly equal to expenditure, resulting in neither profit nor loss.
[1935–40, Amer.]


[ˌbreɪkˈiːvən] ADJ break-even chartgráfica f del punto de equilibrio
break-even pointpunto m de equilibrio
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Dubai: A decline in budget break-even oil prices across the GCC countries in recent years is expected to give regional governments the ability to rein in potential future deficits and bring about fiscal stability at a time oil prices are expected to remain subdued for a long time.
Chief officer Carol McKenna said while NHS England was 'not happy' that the CCG planned to break even - rather than deliver a surplus - a break-even would still be a 'major challenge.
Mark White, director of finance at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: "While we're currently overspent against our budget, we are projecting break-even at year-end.
These wishful thinkers are price hawks depending on conventional oil and natural gas; for them, however, the break-even price of the crude oil they export must not be lower than the $120-140/b range.
In a statement, the bank said, 'We will be able to hit a monthly break-even by next year.
Auto Business News-April 11, 2014--Daimler India Commercial Vehicles to achieve break-even within next two years
A fall in oil prices would push many PGCC countries perilously close to their break-even prices," said the report, which was produced by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.
Meanwhile, Moody s Investors Service in its latest MENA sovereign outlook report said that Oman s fiscal break-even oil price is the second highest in the GCC after Bahrain, and is on an upward trend.
The IMF said the oil price needed for budgetary break-even is now higher than the expected price for oil in 2014.
Manchester United and Arsenal have been pushing for a pure break-even system similar to UEFA's financial fair play scheme for clubs in European competition.