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Noun1.breakability - quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
vulnerability - susceptibility to injury or attack
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The breakability tests conducted by SquareTrade revealed damage that went beyond cosmetic issues, compromising the device's operability in a number of ways.
While training himself for industrial ceramics and its needs of standardization for mass production; grasping structural principles of cantilevering and weight-shifting; handling colour chemistry, breakability and chipping; becoming alert to the details of stacking/packing/ transporting, Dashrath was also open to playing with the medium.
The company gave the device a breakability score of 90, placing it in the high risk category.
The iPhone X's breakability was most recently put to the test by SquareTrade, a San Francisco-based "warranty service provider.
The "fragility" metaphor is repetitively used to accentuate the topos of danger by pointing to the volatility, breakability and delicateness of the states, their institutions and governance structures.
Breakability is also more or less the same, at least in practical usage.
Critics have fixated on the very "thingness" of glass, its object-status, or the conditions of its materiality, situating Woolf's work within high modernist or wartime anxiety about either the breakability of glass or its scarcity in early twentieth-century urban spaces.
The main limitations of the study were that the authors have not evaluated the breakability of larger stones more than 2 cm size (which were likely to have a significant difference in density in various areas of the same stone) and the fragmentability of stones with varying intensities of shockwaves applied.
Generally the difficulties in machining stainless steel are attributed to low thermal conductivity, work hardening and poor chip breakability, which characterise the machining of stainless steels together with short tool life and poor surface quality, resulting in low productivity and high machining costs.
3] studied alternative cooling/lubrication conditions compared to conventional machining of Inconel 718 and its relation to chip breakability.
However, Wayne Winston in his 2009 book Mathletics argues that the breakability of this record is primarily a function of the overall baseball batting average.
We found Eastman Tritan copolyester to be attractive and glasslike without the breakability or heaviness.