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Noun1.breakability - quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
vulnerability - susceptibility to injury or attack
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We found Eastman Tritan copolyester to be attractive and glasslike without the breakability or heaviness.
A "bendability test" hasn't been part of our breakability testing to date because up until this week we've never seen a phone thin enough to make this a potential issue," said a spokesman at SquareTrade.
Innovative packaging may actually add value to the product if it meets a consumer need such as portion control, recyclability, tamper-proofing, child-proofing, easy-open, easy-store, easy-carry, and non breakability.
Athavale and Strenkowski (10) presented a chip breaking model for orthogonal cutting and found that both chip geometry and chip ductility influences chip breakability.
Sincethe past few years, the industry is witnessing a shift towards the usage of plastic in place of glass in response to some significant disadvantages associated with glass, such as high risk of breakability and increased level of leachability from silicone layer in the presence of biologics.
Previous studies conducted on this subject have demonstrated a reverse correlation between the HU and extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) for stone breakability.
They thus conceal an object's inherent nature, especially when it comes to ceramics: that is, its breakability.
Evaluation of oil shale breakability and cutting direction importance for Estonian oil shale deposit was performed by a method developed by A.
This time around, K-C has done much better homework on the wipe's breakability and the subsequent trouble-free flushability throughout the plumbing and septic systems.
Acidity of paper to breakability on double-fold test Decade % Acidic Pre-1800 0.