breakbone fever

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break·bone fever

See dengue.

breakbone fever

(Pathology) another name for dengue


(ˈdɛŋ geɪ, -gi)

an infectious, eruptive fever of warm climates, usu. epidemic, caused by a togavirus and characterized esp. by severe pains in the joints and muscles. Also called den′gue fe`ver.
[1820–30, Amer.; < American Spanish]
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Noun1.breakbone fever - an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints
infectious disease - a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact
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Bites on the 39-year-old's legs had become infected and tests showed he had typhus and dengue fever - also known as breakbone fever because of the pain it causes.
Dengue, sometimes called breakbone fever because of the severe pain it can cause, is a viral infection transmitted by a type of mosquito called Aedes aegypti.
It includes particular actions for specific campaigns, such as: biochemical testing and individual lifestyle analysis, campaigns against AIDS, cancer, breakbone fever, malnutrition, stress, influenza, etc.