break dancing

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break dancing

also break·danc·ing (brāk′dăn′sĭng)
1. A form of nonrhythmic urban dance characterized by acrobatic and gymnastic movements.
2. See breaking2.

break dance n. & v.
break dancer n.
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break′ danc`ing

vigorous acrobatic dancing often performed to rap music.
[1980–85; perhaps from break (definition 81)]
break′ danc`er, n.
break′ dance`, v.i.
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Noun1.break dancing - a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the groundbreak dancing - a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground; normally performed to the rhythm of rap music
dancing, terpsichore, dance, saltation - taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
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BREAKDANCING'S proposed inclusion in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be "absolutely humongous" for the sport - but squash and karate have reacted with disappointment at missing out on consideration.
BREAKDANCING could be included in the 2024 Olympics, organisers have said.
PARIS -- From the streets of New York to the Olympic podium: Breakdancing's conquest of the globe seemingly knows no bounds.
WORLD DanceSport Federation (WDSF) President Shawn Tay has admitted the potential inclusion of breakdancing at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris would be a 'fantastic achievement.'
[USA], Feb 21 (ANI): Breakdancing has become one of four sports suggested for inclusion in the Olympic programme alongside surfing, climbing and skateboarding.
Have you ever imagined breakdancing at the Olympics?
The former All Black has developed a reputation for being a bit of a character and there is no shortage of footage of him breakdancing on the Internet.
There I joined a group which did breakdancing and acrobatics.
The group primarily focuses on breakdancing, an acrobatic form of dance which has many variations and consists of four main types of movement toprock, downrock, passpass and powermoves, all of which are acrobatic in essence.
A NEW breakdancing jam is giving talented dancers in Coventry a platform to showcase their abilities as the dance form enjoys a worldwide revival.
OLIVIER NTCHAM never played for PSG as a kid because he was too busy breakdancing - and now his head is spinning at the thought of facing his boyhood idols.