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Noun1.breakfast table - a table where breakfast is eatenbreakfast table - a table where breakfast is eaten  
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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Yes, here were a set of sea-dogs, many of whom without the slightest bashfulness had boarded great whales on the high seas --entire strangers to them --and duelled them dead without winking; and yet, here they sat at a social breakfast table --all of the same calling, all of kindred tastes --looking round as sheepishly at each other as though they had never been out of sight of some sheepfold among the Green Mountains.
The milking progressed, till towards the end Tess and Clare, in common with the rest, could hear the heavy breakfast table dragged out from the wall in the kitchen by Mrs Crick, this being the invariable preliminary to each meal; the same horrible scrape accompanying its return journey when the table had been cleared.
She's got some sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women; and--you understand--we meet in the morning at the breakfast table.
One morning he found on the breakfast table a small packet which had been sent on by post from the late Mrs.
It had become afternoon, yet there wasn't a thing for their luncheon except two apples which the shaggy man had taken from the breakfast table.
In some publication she ran across a brief printed note to the effect that French women were just beginning to wear fascinating beruffled caps at the breakfast table.
We had the Russians, whose cake-eating bear joins them at the breakfast table, the American couple who clean up their pet buffalo in the car wash and the retired nurse who keeps crocodiles at her Melbourne home.
I'm trying to write a poem that will alert me to my real life, a poem written in the natural speech of the breakfast table, of a girl spooning yogurt, pausing, the spoon held aloft while she gestures toward the exact next turning of her thought.
BEFORE booking holidays in Corfu or France Parents, stop, think, give teachers a chance Don't let your child's seat be empty at school While your Jack and Chardonnay shriek round the pool Then watch, sleepily, parents sink gin and tonics When they should be mastering Jolly Phonics Then whinge and grizzle around the breakfast table Are your kids that clever, bright and able That they can take "a few days off " "Our Sam was off more, that time with the cough" How can "our Molly" read up to her age, when she's dancing "mini disco" on the hotel stage Do you want your kids to be smart and bright Get glowing reports on Parents'
Although I did note that some family members were still (wisely) keeping keeping a safe barfing distance at the breakfast table.
Although I did note that some family members were still (wisely) keeping their distance at the breakfast table.
The dining room has more than enough space for a large family table and there is also a 16ft fitted kitchen with granite worktops, space for a Range cooker, integrated appliances and room for a breakfast table.