breaking wind

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Noun1.breaking wind - a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anusbreaking wind - a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
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The Transavia Airlines HV6902 service made the unscheduled stop after two Dutchmen took offence at their fellow traveller who began breaking wind loudly.
The passengers sitting next to the overweight man demanded the crew do something to stop him repeatedly breaking wind.
Meanwhile, aside from making video clips on breaking wind, users could also use AR to make doodles in virtual air, measure everything around them with a virtual ruler, or see if their dream car will fit in the garage, through the World Brush app.
In the show - to be aired later this year - the Griffins are watching an episode called Doctor Who Farted, where the Time Lord won't let his companion into the Tardis after breaking wind.
However, Lombardi is the director of the Worcester-based Audio Journal, and the adapter and co-director of its Radio-Active Theatre production of "Phillip Merlot, Breaking Wind,'' which will be performed at 7 p.
AALTHOUGH it''s often seen as funny, breaking wind can cause embarrassment.
Some people complained of dirty sheets, snoring, hogging the duvet and breaking wind on the first night, Metro.
But two decades after the cowboys in Blazing Saddles broke ground by breaking wind, fart jokes had become acceptable enough to be featured prominently in the G-rated Disney feature The lion King.
BREAKING WIND 15 sag tr cac THE ever-popular Twilight saga gets the spoof treatment in an alleged comedy that comes with about as many laughs as cholera.
He is accused of breaking wind and belching in front of patients - and admits sticking two fingers up behind their back.
After checking out their website about half way through listening to their debut CD, I was shocked to learn that the trio of young boys who make up The Breaking Wind are, well .