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 (brāk′ôf′, -ŏf′)
The act or an instance of breaking off; discontinuance.
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There aren't many breakoff groups, because there don't need to be," Weiser said.
Responsibility for any breakoff in talks "is entirely on the Turkish side," Juncker said.
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The breakoff happened after the iceberg kept scientists in suspense for months - they knew the chunk was about to separate via a growing crack in the ice shelf but were unsure of when exactly it would happen.
Wind-Driven Rivulet Breakoff and Droplet Flows in Microgravity and Terrestrial-Gravity Conditions.
Spatial, temporal and geochemical characteristics of Silurian collision-zone magmatism: An example of a rapidly evolving magmatic system related to slab breakoff.
The infected hairs breakoff sharply at the follicular orifice leaving a spore-filled stub known as black dot.
Extra attention is paid to placement of breakoff tabs if parts are to be delivered in arrays, in order to properly support the parts during assembly while also enabling removal of the parts from an array without damage.
The NCP instructed its coalition partners, an assortment of breakoff factions from almost the entire political spectrum, on the requirements of the new era; and a few days ago President Bashir received Sadiq al-Mahdi and a high-level delegation of his party joining the opposition-hardened Sara Nugdalla, chairwoman of the party's politburo and a favourite of the gender-sensitised activists crowd, in the presidential guesthouse.
Organizational communication in particular is no longer "the shame of speech communication" (Ellis, 1982) but "a stronghold in the field" (Linda Putnam)--and, along with technology, a potential candidate for a division breakoff from ICA.
2000): Post-collisional Neogene magmatism of the Mediterranean Maghreb margin: a consequence of slab breakoff.
The Bucaramanga nest occurs on the downdip continuation of the Panama arc and may reflect ongoing breakoff of oceanic crust from the Panama arc block that has become impeded in the zone of shallow subduction.