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 (brāk′ôf′, -ŏf′)
The act or an instance of breaking off; discontinuance.
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Mono has a slight "give" as it approaches breaking strength, and long-experienced anglers can feel this threshold in the rod, allowing them to ease pressure at just the right moment to avoid a breakoff.
The NCP instructed its coalition partners, an assortment of breakoff factions from almost the entire political spectrum, on the requirements of the new era; and a few days ago President Bashir received Sadiq al-Mahdi and a high-level delegation of his party joining the opposition-hardened Sara Nugdalla, chairwoman of the party's politburo and a favourite of the gender-sensitised activists crowd, in the presidential guesthouse.
This sequence of events is consistent with those interpreted to have occurred along strike in Newfoundland with slab breakoff and uplift following Salinic collision (Whalen et al.
The Bucaramanga nest occurs on the downdip continuation of the Panama arc and may reflect ongoing breakoff of oceanic crust from the Panama arc block that has become impeded in the zone of shallow subduction.
The topics include disequilibrium textures versus equilibrium modeling in geochronology, microstructure and elastic anisotropy in naturally deformed leucogneiss from a shear zone in Italy's Montalto, inferring the geometry of intercrystalline brine in plastically deforming halite rocks from electrical resistivity, the numerical modeling of spontaneous slab breakoff dynamics during continental collision, present-day vertical isostatic readjustment of the Western Alps revealed by numerical modeling and geodetic and siesmotectonic data, the role of mantle hydration in continental crust recycling in the wedge region, and the interaction of deformation and metamorphic reactions.
But when Newcastle settled again an impressive lineout drive and Vickers breakoff paved the way for a second penalty, which Gopperth had no trouble slotting.
The best reconciliation between the Gaza and West Bank governments is by guaranteeing a breakoff of ties between the two.
It incorporates an injection moulded breakoff tab which provides instant evidence of interference but which is easy-open in a busy foodservice environment.
A thermal tile breakoff was detected by radar on the ground and it will be checked to see if it poses any safety problem in flight, according to NASA.
The ultimate cause may relate to slab breakoff or more widespread lithospheric delamination.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion said today it is disappointed that Utility Workers Union of America, Local 69-1, AFL-CIO, walked off the job during this week's frigid temperatures at a time when there was no breakoff in negotiations and Dominion had a fair, competitive contract offer on the table.
Observations with the high speed imaging show that the drop breakoff from the disk with no teeth (flat rim) occurs fundamentally differently from those observed with the other teeth shapes.