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1. or break point A point of discontinuity, change, or cessation.
2. Computers A point in a program at which operation may be interrupted for debugging purposes or manual intervention.
3. break point
a. A situation in tennis in which one more point is needed to break the opponent's serve.
b. The point awarded in such a situation.


(Computer Science) computing
a. an instruction inserted by a debug program causing a return to the debug program
b. the point in a program at which such an instruction operates



a point at which a change can be made.
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Drug manufacturers will have to update their labeling to reference the FDA web page containing the breakpoint information.
If you're a regular listener or reader of our Breakpoint commentaries, you know that we are staunchly prolife.
The on-chip debug capability provides functions as breakpoint, single stepping, and external breaking, etc.
Twenty-one strains (42%) had an MIC [less than or equal to] 2 [micro]g/mL for vancomycin and were classified as susceptible using the EUCAST breakpoint for C.
In 2008, the CLSI recommended new breakpoints for the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of penicillin and ceftriaxone, proposing different interpretive criteria for determining the use of the two antibiotics in treating meningeal and non-meningeal infections.
Given a fragment of length X = {140 150,160 170,180} and two randomly selected regions, we then simulated a breakpoint at position m = {1,.
Different with the existing techniques, in this paper we present our further study on curve features of contour, and propose a novel algorithm for breakpoint connection.
Antimicrobial drug susceptibility breakpoints were defined according to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute criteria (13).
When it came to negotiating, he said Vornado was less flexible in determining the breakpoint (a number that increases slightly each year with inflation), but was more willing to negotiate when it came to the actual percentage he'd pay over the breakpoint.
As a result of its defective procedures, between October 2006 and June 2008, the firm failed to appropriately apply discounts on rollover and breakpoint purchases resulting in customers being overcharged on their UIT purchases.
The decider was cagey but Murray struck in the sixth game, pressuring the Argentinian's serve to convert his second breakpoint.