A loud, self-conscious demonstration of emotion, especially of remorse.
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public or ostentatious expression of guilt, remorse, or sorrow
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a loud, demonstrative, and often exaggerated display of grief, remorse, or the like.
breast′-beat`er, n.
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Red-Eye abruptly ceased his breast-beating and tooth-grinding, and ran across the timber-jam to the shore.
This needs to be more than breast-beating by leftist academics.
Besides, the people of Kerala could easily see through the right-wing's shameless flip-flop and breast-beating within hours after welcoming the verdict.
It asks little of us: No fasting or renunciation, no breast-beating, no synagogue-attendance, no declaration of faith is required.
If a nation's greatness were to be measured in terms of its GNP (gross national product) or the excellence of each individual citizen in the pursuit of his calling, then we deserve some breast-beating. But who benefited from these giant strides?
Last month, Manila Bulletin had a full-page breast-beating ad about Tanduay winning the Brand of the Year prize at the World Branding forum on September 14 at Kensington Palace, London.
I find that I do not admire Serra for his form of holiness, the endless flagellations and literal breast-beating, as well as not taking care of his health.
All too many American interventions in the past 40 years, notwithstanding periodic breast-beating about the "Vietnam syndrome," indicate that the lessons of the unnecessary conflict in Indochina remain largely unlearned.
"Unfortunately, by universalizing the parental breast-beating, Hush Hush moves into the murky territory of moral relativism.
True, 'hype' does generate high expectations, but the sense of loss that comes in a subsequent defeat does not have to be ventilated with much breast-beating and shedding tears, much less through staged acts of smashing (old) TV sets, vandalising the homes of cricketers and hurling abuses at the players and their friends, relatives-and girl friends.
No breast-beating and forelock-tugging on my behalf, please.