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Recent studies concluded that cup feeding as compared to bottle-feeding did not offer any advantage in exclusive breast-feeding later on17,18.
HealthDay News | NYT Syndicate BREAST-FEEDING has been shown to help babies fight infections and prevent asthma, childhood obesity and SIDS.
Two city officials here had drawn flak from a women's group for comments deemed sexist on breast-feeding made during a session of the city council.
1] Health professionals recommend that breast-feeding begin within the first hour of a baby's life and continue as often and as much as the baby wants.
Breast-feeding reduces a woman's number of menstrual cycles, thereby lowering her accumulated exposure to hormones that foster some cancer growth.
The evidence is piling up that good nutrition in a baby's early years is crucial for development and future health, and breast-feeding is an essential part of this.
Breast milk is the best food for babies but unfortunately the breast-feeding rate among Omani women has gone down in recent years due to various reasons, said an official at the Ministry of Health.
A MUM-OF-SEVEN today welcomed more support for breast-feeding mothers after figures revealed a rise in the number of bottle-fed babies.
WASHINGTON -- A recent study shows that while most mothers across the United States know that breast-feeding is the best way to ensure that their babies get the proper nutrition, nearly half avoid doing so because of the stigma attached to nursing in public.
Despite the known health benefits associated with breast milk latest figures have revealed the prevalence of mums still breast-feeding at their 6-8 week check is "significantly" below the national average at only 26.
RAWALPINDI -- Media should play its role to create awareness among the people about the importance of breast-feeding, said district health programme coordinator Dr Javaid Chaudry on Sunday.
Objective: To assess the breast-feeding condition based on economic status among primary school children and comparison between Turkman and non-Turkman ethnic groups in northern Iran in 2010.