breath analyzer

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breath′ an`alyzer

an instrument into which a sample of a motorist's breath is taken as a test for alcohol content.
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We would also like to know why no doctors are present at international stations to perform breath analyzer test for any Indian carriers, are senior officials working in connivance with private carriers to save their cost as we strongly believe PFM should be done before a flight and not at first or second port of landing in India after a flight endangering the safety of innocent flying passengers," it added.
Spirosure's patent-protected fractional exhaled nitric oxide breath analyzer combines advanced materials with proprietary algorithms to provide high sensitivity in its ability to detect parts per billion (ppb) particle concentrations.
The Philips Sonicare Breath care system, featuring a connected breath analyzer, measures, tracks and helps patients address the impact of oral bacteria on breath quality, helping them improve their breath and oral care habits.
He was tested using a breath analyzer at around 8 a.
The officers will conduct breath analyzer tests to check blood-alcohol content and drug tests at all sobriety checkpoints in the city on New Year's eve.
The driver claimed that he had not been drinking alcohol, adding that the high breath analyzer readings were due to medicines he had been taking.
The head of the ISF, General Ashraf Rifi, issued a directive instructing the ISF to maintain the use of radar devices to catch speeding motorists, and breath analyzer equipment to detect drunken drivers.
The move to eradicate drunken driving accidents comes as the transport ministry found tests by truck, bus and taxi service operators to be insufficient as they do not require a breath analyzer.
UK-based Analytical Precision Limited manufactures instruments for stable isotope ratio analyis, including mass spectrometers and a breath analyzer.
The real-time breath analyzer also showed the presence of the chemicals after exposure in the breath of the nonsmokers, but at greatly reduced levels.
But Allmandinger said using the breath analyzer is simple, that he read the directions that came with the device and trained the schools' assistant principals, who taught the procedure to other staff members.
Tenders are invited for Buying alcohol breath analyzer