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1. Suitable or pleasant for breathing: breathable air.
2. Permitting air to pass through: a breathable fabric.

breath′a·bil′i·ty n.
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1. (Chemistry) fitness to be breathed
2. (Textiles) textiles ability to let air to pass through so that perspiration can evaporate
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Research from working with teams from the largest cold storage business in Europe found that those working in cool environments needed more flexibility, better breathability and a lighter weight jacket to comfortably carry out their duties in temperatures between -5 to +5[degrees]C.
Other features include uppers made of Air8000 fabric for increased breathability and waterproof Gore-Tex liner.
The mattress's Microclimate sleep system uses clever fibre technology for maximum breathability and comfort.
The dressing is manufactured through a revolutionary non-thermal, PCA-free process that ensures the rapid onset of action of pure chlorhexidine, as well as the breathability and visibility of the wound site.
Sure-fex products, featuring more stretch, breathability and comfort, are said to be ideal for use in medical, apparel, cosmetics, footwear, equestrian, padding or skin contact applications.
Lightweight and durable, Tyvek[R] provides a microbial barrier to ensure devices stay sterile; excellent tear strength and puncture resistance; heat-sealing and self-sealing options; peelable and non-peelable fusion seal options; and maximum breathability during sterilization.
"Sure, Vivo is ideal for outdoor garments, but as the breathability is proving unparalleled in design and performance, it's becoming a much-needed element for all clothing, from equestrian apparel to skater culture to high fashion.
Compared to devices manufactured using traditional techniques, 3D printed gadgets can be made to individual specifications, while functioning better in terms of fixity, fitness, and breathability, ITRI official Hong Chi-pin noted.
It is combined with a unique open cell structure that guarantees a higher level of moisture evaporation and breathability, leaving it cooler for longer.
These new products offer innovative features that respond to growing consumer demand for higher softness, better fit, comfort and breathability," says Steve Prince, president of Personal Care.