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A usually portable, lightweight, vestlike breathing apparatus that recycles oxygen from exhaled air, absorbs exhaled carbon dioxide, and has a small container providing fresh air, used by scuba divers and astronauts, as well as rescue workers in environments where the air is thought to be toxic.
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Patient was given sleeping dose of Propofol 30 mg and mask ventilation was evaluated by gently squeezing breathing bag.
Morch devised an electrically driven piston-pump which was inserted into the closed circuit in place of the breathing bag.
The device uses a breathing bag that is resistant to abrasion, pinholes, and punctures to form an oxygen reservoir.
Limited Tenders are invited for Development Of Breathing Bag
In June 2007, we ordered the conventional Vital Signs Non-latex Breathing Bag 3L[R] with an assembled neck (Vital Signs Inc.
It included a rubber-proofed fabric mask, a breathing bag and small copper cylinder with oxygen at 30 atms.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1) diaphragm complete 2) 63 corrugated hose 3) breathing bag.
It was noticed early that the breathing bag tended to collapse.
Manual breathing bag (adult, child, infant) - 2 pieces
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1) Inhalation Valve Disc 2) Diaphragm Complete 3) Corrugated Hose(19 Corrugation) 4) Corrugated Hose(35 Corrugation) 5) Corrugated Hose(63 Corrugation) 6) Breathing Bag 7) Nose Pad(Rubber).
5m after being stretched with the end 22F on both sides - a short linker 22M / 22M - Latex-free breathing bag with a capacity of 2l - 4200 pcs.
Catheter Balloons & Anesthesia Breathing Bags Leading global supplier of catheter balloons and aesthesia breathing bags