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Noun1.Breathing place - a short respitebreathing place - a short respite      
rest period, rest, respite, relief - a pause for relaxation; "people actually accomplish more when they take time for short rests"
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He swam to a neighboring island, against the upper end of which the driftwood had lodged in such quantities as to form a natural raft; under this he dived, and swam below water until he succeeded in getting a breathing place between the floating trunks of trees, whose branches and bushes formed a covert several feet above the level of the water.
The beauty of The Florrie, like all the best buildings, is that it is a living and breathing place - a place which, as Anne Lundon, chief executive officer of The Florence Institute Trust (a second mention for "Florence Institute"!) told me, has a personality of her own.
San Jacinto becomes a living, breathing place, with "a view of verdant plains or the fog circling the hills the fading light of late afternoons." While the story's pace is sometimes leisurely, it feels appropriate for the depths of mourning that Benjamin plumbs.
It's a truly awe-inspiring, living, breathing place, and we invite everyone to visit us for an experience that will have a meaningful impact on their imaginations and lifelong creative aspirations."
Despite its confusing configuration, however, the place was definitely a living, breathing place of worship.
These are important in demonstrating once again that the Library is a living, breathing place, not a sacred museum.
Share the Art Print with students, explaining how the artist believed that the forest was a riving, breathing place and, for her, had a spiritual essence.
It is my quiet space; my breathing place. It's where I go to get rid of the "busyness" of my day, to unload my problems, to centre myself.
That leads me to my primary goal: making the freelance message board a living, breathing place for freelancers to turn for help, information, commiseration and connection.
He said: "I know we have a few scallywags round here, but Liverpool is a living, breathing place where the people have big hearts.
"We want it to be a living, breathing place where magic can happen again.''
A host of activities will be taking place at Saltburn Allotment Association's wildlife garden, A Breathing Place, tomorrow from 11am to 1pm.