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1. Breathing with difficulty; gasping: was breathless from running.
a. Excited or tense, often to the point of holding the breath: a breathless audience.
b. Tense or exciting, often in causing or being characterized by holding of the breath: breathless anticipation.
a. Not breathing; without breath.
b. Dead.
4. Having no air or breeze; still: a breathless summer day.

breath′less·ly adv.
breath′less·ness n.
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Noun1.breathlessness - a dyspneic condition
dyspnea, dyspnoea - difficult or labored respiration
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انقطاع الأنفاس
nefessizliksoluğu kesilme


[ˈbreθlɪsnɪs] Nfalta f de aliento, dificultad f al respirar
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[ˈbrɛθləsnɪs] n (= symptom) → troubles mpl respiratoiresbreath-taking [ˈbrɛθteɪkɪŋ] adj
[view, scenery, beauty] → à vous couper le souffle
[talent, performance] → époustouflant(e)
[speed] → impressionnant(e)
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n (due to exertion) → Atemlosigkeit f; (due to illness) → Kurzatmigkeit f
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(breθ) noun
1. the air drawn into, and then sent out from, the lungs. My dog's breath smells terrible.
2. an act of breathing. Take a deep breath.
ˈbreathless adjective
having difficulty in breathing normally. His asthma makes him breathless; He was breathless after climbing the hill.
ˈbreathlessly adverb
ˈbreathlessness noun
hold one's breath
to stop breathing (often because of anxiety or to avoid being heard). He held his breath as he watched the daring acrobat.
out of breath
breathless (through running etc). I'm out of breath after climbing all these stairs.
under one's breath
in a whisper. He swore under his breath.

breath is a noun: He held his breath .
breathe is a verb: He found it difficult to breathe .
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References in classic literature ?
His speech ended in a fit of breathlessness. He lay there, gasping.
"Why did you slip away by stealth like this?" said d'Urberville, with upbraiding breathlessness; "on a Sunday morning, too, when people were all in bed!
'What'll Fagin say?' inquired the Dodger; taking advantage of the next interval of breathlessness on the part of his friend to propound the question.
The twilight had fallen and the full moon was shining more and more brightly; but there was a peculiar breathlessness in the air.
breathlessness, and acute attacks of nervous depression.
Audley," he said, with asthmatic breathlessness. "I have great apprehensions.
But why dwell on the wretched ness, the breathlessness, the degradation, the sense lessness, the weariness, the ridicule and humiliation and--and--the perspiration, of these moments?
There was a breathlessness in his utterance which contrasted with the monstrous hint of mockery in his intention.
From time to time she called together a little strength, and said, in a voice broken by the unevenness of the pavement and the breathlessness of their flight, "Who are you?
ENPNewswire-August 28, 2019--Mayne Pharma announces PBS listing of Kapanol for chronic breathlessness
It creates problems for breathing, symptoms such as breathlessness, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing.
"Her illness is worsened, she has a strong weakness, breathlessness. Salyanova's treatment was not completed, however she was urgently released from the hospital on Sunday evening and was transferred to SIZO-1.