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 (brĕch′ē-āt′, brĕsh′-)
tr.v. brec·ci·at·ed, brec·ci·at·ing, brec·ci·ates
To form (rock) into breccia.

brec′ci·a′tion n.
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I'll be bound that if we went down there we should find 'pipes' of soapy brecciated rock.
The structural zones appear to be quite persistent and are comprised of brecciated and silicified sediments cemented by massive, white to drusy crystalline quartz.
The TB Hornfels Zone consists of a brecciated porphyry - sediment contact.
The Murray mine, Elko County, Nevada, continues to produce fine stibnite and some very fine, blocky, white barite crystals with a sugar frosting of drusy quartz on a dark gray, brecciated matrix.
It is thought to be the silicified and brecciated top of a porphyry system (measuring approximately 2 x 2.5 km), which could have similar characteristics to the Bajo de la Alumbrera orebody, some 4 km distant.
The continuous upward movement of the salt "conveyor belt," and the constant formation and collapse of solution cavities; makes the caprock highly brecciated. Hot brine circulates through lower zones of the breccia, reacting with the exotic blocks of sedimentary and volcanic rock to form new minerals and recrysta llize old ones.
Further, diamond hole TBDD107 (results awaited) intersected a total downhole intercept of ~2.0m of massive and brecciated sulphides from ~509.5m.
Drill hole CDRC0686 includes a diamond tail where the drill core has intersected a brecciated zone of intense hydrothermally altered mafic unit and disseminated sulphides that has the potential to be the feeder zone of a large primary gold system.
Currently, for example, many Mont Saint-Hilaire specialists are undoubtedly searching frantically for the brecciated material they discarded in 1976, in the hope that it may hold korobitsynite, one of the latest species to be described in the labuntsovite-nenadkevichite series.
The orebody is contained within Archean volcanic rocks and the ore is a strongly brecciated, albitised, carbonatised and siliceous basalt, containing an average of 5% pyrite.
The piece, collected in February 1992, consists of brecciated and hydrothermally-rounded jasperoid fragments lightly cemented by late-stage silicification.