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The metal part that closes the breech end of the barrel of a breechloading gun and that is removed to insert a cartridge and replaced before firing.
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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert the cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing
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a movable piece of metal for closing the breech in certain firearms.
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Noun1.breechblock - a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firingbreechblock - a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing
blockage, stoppage, occlusion, closure, block, stop - an obstruction in a pipe or tube; "we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe"
breech, rear of barrel, rear of tube - opening in the rear of the barrel of a gun where bullets can be loaded
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The breechblock is then lowered by pulling down on the trigger guard to expose the chamber.
The barrel, breechblock and small parts like springs and pins are steel; otherwise, everything on the Wildcat 22 came out of an injection mold.
Maxim's gun was a recoil-operated, belt-fed weapon, and upon firing, the rearward thrust of the cartridge against the breechblock pushed the barrel, frame, -and breechblock to the rear about 3/4 of an inch, causing a toggle on the rear of the breechblock to fold, unlocking the breechblock, pulling it down and to the rear, extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge case.
The breechblock is highly polished, with the locking bolts in a contrasting satin, natural color.
Remington is advertising a 25 percent reduction in muzzle rise due to the low bore and recoil-absorbing properties of the Pedersen breechblock (more on that in a second).
The first step after disassembly was plugging the old rimfire firing pin channel in the breechblock. There are a couple of ways of doing this.
It operates by means of a long-stroke gas system and a tilting breechblock. Oddly enough, the breechblock tilts to one side; many thought this would put undue strain on one side of the receiver, but Goryunov made the receiver's sideplates thick enough to avoid problems.
Crewmen, springs that are too tight can be a bummer, especially if they happen to be the closing springs on your Paladin's breechblock.
The main differences were the protection of the gun crew and the adoption of a full-automatic loading system and of a semi-automatic breechblock, the system carrying on board 36 complete rounds, including 12 ready to fire and 24 kept in a magazine located behind the front cabin.
A separate steel breechblock is dovetailed/pinned into the slide, and holds the extractor, firing pin, and firing pin block.
The breechblock comes out easily, provided you remember to put a dab of bore grease on its threads.