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Tarzan dispatched his prisoner quickly and silently; removed the weapons and ornaments, and--oh, the greatest joy of all--a handsome deerskin breechcloth, which he quickly transferred to his own person.
I struggled to my knees and seized my assailant, a huge, naked man--naked except for a breechcloth of snakeskin, the head hanging down to the knees.
All six wore what looked like nicely-woven contemporary cotton breechcloth.
Unlike other figures in this set of drawings who are attired in calico shirts and buckskin or wool leggings, he shows himself wearing only a breechcloth and a feathered headdress.
This was despite the fact that all of the items on view in these cases were stunning examples of design and workmanship, especially a Siouan breechcloth embellished with the head of a bison and an Escher-inspired horn spoon inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
Al-Bakri, an Islamic historian, writing in 1067 AD, notes that: "The people [of Ancient Ghana] who follow the religion of the king wear cotton, silk or brocaded breechcloth according to their means.
Kids look at us the way they see us in the movies: riding horses, wearing a breechcloth, carrying a bow and arrow, and living in a tipi on a fenced-in reserve.
Running in breechcloth and moccasins, Deerfoot outran every available British runner.
He is pictured here in Sioux dance regalia consisting of hair ornament with eagle plumes, armbands and cuffs, dance bustle, woolen cloth leggings, ribbon-decorated breechcloth, and moccasins with quilled stripe designs.
He fumed, planned his revenge, and then stripped to a breechcloth and moccasins.
It helps reinforce the idea that there is nothing wrong with simple and that, if made correctly and with care, some of the finest outfits can be built from a fairly basic number of composite elements--cloth shirt or long johns, plain cloth vest, breechcloth or aprons, metal cuffs and armbands, leg bells, choker, and one of a number of different styles of hair ornament.