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A gun or other firearm loaded at the breech.
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(ˈbritʃˌloʊ dər)

a firearm that is loaded at the breech.
breech′load`ing, adj.
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Noun1.breechloader - a gun that is loaded at the breech
gun - a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
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[ˈbriːtʃˌləʊdəʳ] Narma f de retrocarga
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It's a breechloader. It may sound like a drawback if you're into big magazines, but in this case it's a benefit.
As related by Harvey Donaldson, Harry's method of loading a breechloader from the muzzle was as follows: First insert a dummy cartridge (with the mouth of the case plugged) into the rifle's chamber.
Governments, being frugal in spending on the military when the guns are silent, was uninterested in developing a new breechloader. Both the United States and Britain looked for ways to update the vast quantities of muzzleloading rifles they had on hand rather than spend money developing a new rifle.
Once things got going on the evolution of the double rifle, advancement was relatively rapid, with the pinfire generally being the first introduction the sportsman had to a breechloader. Accordingly, many fine pinfire shotguns and rifles were manufactured until centerfires achieved pre-eminence.
(1) The Hall Model 1819 rifle was the first breechloader used by the U.S.
Stephen Manning's THE MARTINI-HENRY RIFLE (9781780965062, $18.95) follows the British Army's first purpose-designed breechloader, which replaced the successful Snider-Enfield and offered more accurate shooting capabilities.
Lenz responded immediately: "My servants loaded their breechloader rifles in a very impressive way and declared to all of the Adouma that anyone who jumped in the river to escape would be shot." (83) After landing the canoes, Lenz and his loyal allies watched the unlucky Adouma throughout the night.
Fixed cartridges gave rise to breechloader designs instead of shoving everything down from the muzzle.
When loaded properly with top-quality components, a muzzleloading shotgun has about the same effective range as a modern breechloader loaded with the same amount of shot.
"Devise a plan for altering the musket into a breechloader for metallic primed cartridges."
His decision was to pursue a conversion of the existing Enfield rifle that would put a breechloader into the hands of troops as quickly as possible, while simultaneously beginning work on the design of a dedicated breech-loading rifle and cartridge to serve well into the future.
To confirm the SA boss in office must have come hard to the elderly Reich president, who had declared, only a year before, that he had found it `positively nauseating' to shake hands with `that breechloader'.