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A roofed, open-sided passageway connecting two structures, such as a house and a garage.


(Architecture) a roofed passageway connecting two buildings, sometimes with the sides enclosed



an open-sided roofed passageway for connecting two buildings, as a house and garage.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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We have a breezeway sided with the same shiplap connecting the house to the garage.
There is a breezeway addition underway that will connect the neighboring building of 150 current tenants, and is increasing in occupancy each year.
The redevelopment of the centre has already seen the addition of a gym, workout area, change rooms, reception desk and breezeway which opened to the public in April.
The breezeway is essentially a video game for tourists, with the LED lighting tracing their movement throughout the space.
The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) held four food safety training sessions in April to introduce a new tool, the Breezeway Flip Chart.
The cards, called the Delta Reserve Credit Card and the Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card, offer benefits such as the ability to earn Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) more quickly, the ability to share MQMs with family and friends, access to the dedicated Breezeway priority boarding lane and frequent traveller security line, Delta Crown Room Clubs access and 24-7 concierge services.
Down the breezeway at Target, I selected a $40 plush Luxe Cuddler animal print bed for Fido and a $6 Australian bottle of Little Boomey shiraz-cabernet for my neighbor.
Elements of the outback homestead--the sunroom, the breezeway and the sleep-out--are re-organised into an abstract verandah which shelters and protects the occupants while enhancing the fluidity of the loosely defined spaces.
The defeased multifamily property, Empirian at Winter Park, is a 432 unit apartment complex located at 5 Autumn Breezeway in Winterpark, Florida.
However, the district will unlock the doors to the breezeway outside the Instruction Department (on the far east side of the building complex) at 5 p.
They also wanted a breezeway to access the house from the garage.
Last spring, I added a breezeway between my house and the garage.