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adj. breez·i·er, breez·i·est
1. Exposed to breezes; windy.
2. Fresh and animated; lively: a breezy prose style.

breez′i·ly adv.
breez′i·ness n.
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Noun1.breeziness - a mildly windy state of the air
storminess - the state of being stormy; "he dreaded the storminess of the North Atlantic in winter"
2.breeziness - a breezy liveliness; "a delightful breeziness of manner"
sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life - animation and energy in action or expression; "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"


n (fig)frisch-fröhliche Art
References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless his usual breeziness of manner had not altogether deserted him.
Inevitably, therefore, he is careless and slipshod, but some of his portrayals of sturdy English men and women and of romantic adventure (as in 'The Fair Maid of the West') are of refreshing naturalness and breeziness.
said Lord Dawlish, with a sort of sheepish breeziness.
In total, they amount to an uplifting public gesture that will add to the breeziness and positivity of Downtown.
It's a divertingly funny movie, but its breeziness can also feel overstated, at times glib and a bit of a dodge.
I had always admired the casual, breeziness of department store sales reps who, from head to toe, from coif to boot, were utterly exotic to me.
It's pretty in pink and has the requisite summer fruits on the nose, but because of the cool fermentation there is a breeziness to the bouquet.
74) "This breeziness may seem brash to older communities, but mark how blue jeans have conquered the world" [Esta frescura puede parecer osada a las comunidades mas antiguas, pero senala el modo en que los blue jeans han conquistado el mundo] (Kirstein 1959, 1951).
Innab evokes the breeziness of his columns in several of her drawings and sculptures.
Within the span of a 30-minute conversation, Rotchford, the executive vice president in capital markets for Cushman and Wakefield, discussed complex financial instruments, like total return swaps and preferred leverage, with a breeziness more appropriate for a Sunday brunch conversation about the Mets.
Norris's writing style has a breeziness that makes all of this material go down easily.
And that style, which she devoted to her debut album on the Kalan and Double Moon labels, "YaE-amak: To Live with the Words of Nazym Hikmet" (with her own songs and two by ZE-lfE- Livaneli), captures the same wistful breeziness that belies a painful undercurrent, such as the opening words of "YaE-amak" -- "to live, to live like a tree.