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The electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of an electrically charged particle, as when an electron is deflected in the electric field of an atom or molecule.

[German : Bremse, brake (from Middle Low German premse, from pramen, to press) + Strahlung, radiation (from strahlen, to radiate, from Strahl, ray, from Middle High German strāle, from Old High German strāla, arrow, stripe; see ster- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Atomic Physics) the radiation produced when an electrically charged particle, esp an electron, is slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus or an atomic ion
[C20: German: braking radiation]
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(ˈbrɛmˌʃtrɑ ləŋ)

radiation, esp. x-rays, emitted by an accelerating or decelerating charged particle.
[1940–45; < German, =Brems(e) brake + Strahlung radiation]
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This is called Bremsstrahlung imaging which detects the photons emitted by beta radiation emitting radioisotopes as they lose energy in the body.
Although the spectral shape can be approximated by thermal Bremsstrahlung emission with a temperature of ~40 keV, (14) the presence of such a hot plasma filling the universe was later ruled out by the precise measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background spectrum with the COBE experiment, (15) which shows little distortion from blackbody radiation.
Furthermore, equipping such a machine with a PSD affords all of its advantages, while the elimination of the Bremsstrahlung by the IBM reduces the impact of fluorescence that can otherwise be problematic with a PSD.
The fraction of this power which is not radiated from the plasma core as bremsstrahlung (9) or line radiation is transported across field lines to the plasma edge [2].
Since in both of these cases the bulk of the emission is bremsstrahlung from primaryelectrons, these results implythat the radiating electrons (are) stronglyanisotropic, with more emission in the directions tangential to the photosphere than in directions away from the Sun" [195, p.
Gamma rays are produced by a number of astronomical processes in which very high-energy electrons are produced, that in turn cause secondary gamma rays by the mechanisms of bremsstrahlung, inverse Compton scattering and synchrotron radiation.
Although a spectrum with an index of a = 0.34 is steeper than the canonical free-free index of a = 0.1,suchindices are expected for bremsstrahlung from cooler (heavy) plasma [18].
However, start explaining to me the ins and outs of how to cook a caramelised parsnip roux in a bain-marie and I'll be out like a light faster than you can say 'Open University Lecture on Nuclear Fusion: Week Two - Bremsstrahlung losses in quasineutral, isotropic plasmas'.
The system would use one linear accelerator to generate 6-MeV electrons and (through the bremsstrahlung process) x-rays with energies from 0 to 6 MeV and, in the same manner, another accelerator to generate x-rays with energies from 0 to 9 MeV.
As these particles slam into a metal target, they create high-energy photons, similar to gamma rays, called bremsstrahlung, or braking radiation, explains nuclear engineer Yaron Danon.
They concluded that it emits X-rays through a process known as thermal bremsstrahlung. This process generates radiation when positively charged ions deflect free electrons that whiz by.
By bombarding a sample target with a high-energy Bremsstrahlung photon beam, electrons contained in the orbital shells of an atom are raised to an excited state.