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The electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of an electrically charged particle, as when an electron is deflected in the electric field of an atom or molecule.

[German : Bremse, brake (from Middle Low German premse, from pramen, to press) + Strahlung, radiation (from strahlen, to radiate, from Strahl, ray, from Middle High German strāle, from Old High German strāla, arrow, stripe; see ster- in Indo-European roots).]


(Atomic Physics) the radiation produced when an electrically charged particle, esp an electron, is slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus or an atomic ion
[C20: German: braking radiation]


(ˈbrɛmˌʃtrɑ ləŋ)

radiation, esp. x-rays, emitted by an accelerating or decelerating charged particle.
[1940–45; < German, =Brems(e) brake + Strahlung radiation]
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According to the company, the MIM SurePlan LiverY90 provides timesaving tools for liver and tumor segmentation, deformable registration and allows patient-specific dose calculation on Y90 PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT images after administration of permanent Y90 microsphere implants.
A Response of coaxial Ge(Li) detectors to narrow beams of photons for stripping of x-ray bremsstrahlung spectra.
The plasma temperature generated by 1064 nm was higher than that generated by 532 nm due to the strong inverse Bremsstrahlung at the IR region so the amount of extracted metal from the metal surface at 1064 nm was higher compared to 532 nm leading to increase in the ablation efficiency [20].
A two-step analysis procedure is applied in order to produce quantitative results for the elemental profiles over the entire cross-sections: (i) The bremsstrahlung is subtracted with the classical "Top Flat Filter" method [18, 19] and (ii) The area under each atomic peak is quantified by the [phi] (pz) model [20-22],
Shutters are used to prevent high energy radiation, gas bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation, from penetrating through the hole in the hutch shield wall when the shutter is closed.
This novel spectral component has such a hard slope, approximated by a power-law of photon index [GAMMA] ~ 1, that it cannot be readily explained in terms of ordinary high-energy radiation processes, such as synchrotron radiation, inverse Compton scattering, or (non-)thermal Bremsstrahlung.
The two dominating effects for absorption are inverse Bremsstrahlung of the plasma and Fresnel absorption at the cavity walls [35], Thus, the relation between surface state and absorptivity can only be made at ambient temperature.
This is called Bremsstrahlung imaging which detects the photons emitted by beta radiation emitting radioisotopes as they lose energy in the body.
Because the keyhole is filled with plasma, invert Bremsstrahlung absorption of laser energy is considered.
The author has organized the main body of his text in ten chapters devoted to an historical introduction and survey of X-ray technology, the physics of generation of bremsstrahlung, the interaction of X-rays with matter, and a wide variety of other related subjects.