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n. pl. brew·skies or brew·skis Slang
1. Beer.
2. A serving of beer.

[brew + -ski, -sky, n. suff. (from Russian -skiĭ, perhaps modeled on Russky).]


informal US a beer


1. to make (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops.
2. to prepare (tea, coffee, etc.) by boiling, steeping, or the like.
3. to contrive, plan, or bring about: to brew mischief.
4. to make beer or ale.
5. to boil, steep, soak, or cook.
6. a quantity brewed in a single process.
7. a brewed beverage.
8. any concoction, esp. a liquid produced by a mixture of unusual ingredients: a witches' brew.
9. Informal. beer or ale.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English brēowan]
brew′er, n.
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Francis is a New York-based Pinoy bartender who is cofounder and co-owner of Burgers and Brewskies at The Fort and the man responsible for its wild hits, such as the Walk of Shame Burger, a huge burger with a sunny side up on the top bun; the Call the Nurse, a meat patty atop mac and cheese sandwiched between the buns; and the Cuban Missile corn on the cob, inspired by the corn on the cob of Cafe Habana on Prince Street in New York.
And our traditional year-end awards called 'the Brewskies' for dubious achievements, quotes or results in sports will all be for data in this 2017.
It's really hard to accept this tall, elegant creature as one of the boisterous gang tossing back brewskies at some redneck tavern.
Beer is also on hand, for those who want to try the Aussie take on brewskies.
You went to a party last weekend, and things got way outta control, When some kids were seen throwing back some brewskies in the yard, the cops came and Immediately shut down the party, Just when you thought it was history, you get called into the principal's office and told that you and the other party-goers will not be allowed to attend any school events for the rest of the yaar!
We intended to write our own captions for this epic Thrasher article, The Lizard of Oz, while knocking back brewskies and shooting pool ...