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 (brē-är′, -ärd′)
A dog of a large breed developed in medieval France for herding and guarding, having a long coarse coat that is black, gray, or tawny.

[French, from Brie, a region of northern France.]


(briːˈɑːd; briːˈɑː)
(Animals) a medium-sized dog of an ancient French sheep-herding breed having a long rough coat of a single colour
[French, literally: of Brie (region in N France)]


(briˈɑr, -ˈɑrd)

one of a French breed of large sheepherding dogs with a long, wavy coat.
[1930–35; < French; see Brie, -ard]
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Noun1.Briard - old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coatbriard - old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coat
sheep dog, sheepdog, shepherd dog - any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep
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I had a client with a dog-reactive Briard, however, who was so overly aroused by the presence of a neighbor's dog on the next-door back deck that she couldn't even do CC&D with him in her own backyard; he was too stressed to eat chicken.
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Years ago, Volhard's Briard, DJ, was with her at a training camp, and when she returned to her room after teaching a class, she was horrified to find DJ pulling curtains through the top of his wire crate.
Their minister at the time, Everett Briard, believed it was important for the congregation to be part of what was going on in the church at large and the leadership of the church agreed.
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