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tr.v. paved, pav·ing, paves
1. To cover with a pavement.
2. To cover uniformly, as if with pavement.
3. To be or compose the pavement of.
pave the way
To make progress or development easier: experiments that paved the way for future research.

[Middle English paven, from Old French paver, from Latin pavīre, to beat, tread down; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]

pav′er n.


 (pă-vā′, păv′ā)
A setting of precious stones placed together so closely that no metal shows: diamonds in pavé.

[French, from past participle of paver, to pave, from Old French; see pave.]

pa·vé adj.
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Brick paver trends include modern shapes, larger units in bold colors, permeable paver, authentic paver and modern-linear shapes and geometrical designs.
The cachet of this attractive infill site will allow us to create an entire distinctive neighborhood, with traditional brick and stucco exteriors with turrets, copper roofs, shutters and dormers, along with brick paver driveways, period lampposts, special mailboxes and lush landscaping.