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brick red

A moderate to strong reddish brown.

brick′-red′ adj.


A. ADJrojo ladrillo
B. Nrojo m ladrillo
References in classic literature ?
The features of that face were hard to read, drink had so swollen them, drink had so painted them, in tints that varied from brick-red to mulberry.
The small, muddy, green pond had risen visibly more than a foot, flooding the dam, because it was full of the naked white bodies of soldiers with brick-red hands, necks, and faces, who were splashing about in it.
A little rubbed on paper gave it a faint rose tinge mingled with a little brick-red.
Forget all that flashy clay nonsense in Paris - British people weren't designed to excel in baking hot sunshine on a surface that turns their pristine Dunlop Green Flash plimsolls into Dunlop Grubby Brick-Red Flash.
Dad wears Reindeer-print jumper, EUR45, River Island; brick-red chinos, EUR18, Peacocks; boots, EUR71, River Island
Flaherty and Gabriel Morell, juniors at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, taught the rain barrel workshop, encouraging participants to use an electric drill to make holes near the tops and bottoms of the 50-gallon, brick-red plastic barrels and to install the spigots and overflow drains.
They look similar to our common kestrel but with lest detailed markings and bolder colouring with a blue hood, tail, wing bar and a brick-red colour to the back.
As someone also brought up in Splott I am proud of what she has achieved and would like to dedicate the following to her: Shirley Bassey Splott to Cyncoed We dreamed our dreams of summer's day, In lights of bright no clouds of grey, With eyes aware we now see now, No Summer highs just depths of lows, No roses red around the door, Life was new but we were poor, In beds of coats with things that bite, By day we pray but dream at night, Gone council house and gravel square, Brick-red dust from furnace flare, But time has run and flown away, We must rise up and face the day, Dreams will not meet our earthly needs, Nor cure life's ills that pain and bleed, Strive we must each and every day Stand proud and strong to find our way, So we can say when life's at end, "We did not turn away or bend".
46th Street's facade is adorned with unique, brick-red Trespa panels and each individual residences features oversized windows, white oak floors and nine-foot ceilings.
Brick-red with cut-off horns and a pointed tail, he chomps cigars and spews out cynical one-liners.