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Adj.1.brickle - having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped; "brittle bones"; "glass is brittle"; "`brickle' and `brickly' are dialectal"
breakable - capable of being broken or damaged; "earthenware pottery is breakable"; "breakable articles should be packed carefully"
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However, there is still space for the improvement, and the USAID will continue to support the CBBH in meeting these obligations," emphasized Mrs Brickle.
In South America, it inhabits from 40[degrees]S (Chiloe Island) in the Pacific Ocean, southward around the southern tip, to the continental shelf north of 49[degrees]S and the slope north to 38[degrees]S in the Atlantic Ocean (Brickle et al., 2016).
AS the brand communications manager for a major company providing gift wrap and greetings cards to some of the biggest names in retail, Katie Brickle's days can be furiously busy.
They prefer to live in an open sandy area distant from human population with availability of perch, small territory and plentiful supply of water and food resources (Brickle, 2002; Jackson, 2006).
In the 1950s, Chester "Chet" Enstrom was in the ice cream business, when an ingredient salesman "introduced him to a toffee Inclusion, or a butter brickle inclusion," says Doug Simons, Enstrom's third-generation president.
Brickle & Harper 1999, Moreby & Stoate 2000, Cummins & O'Halloran 2002) or dry, with no further information about nestling age (e.g.
They have been awarded in 2015 with a Silver Design Award for their Set Brickle. Brickle is a set of mini building blocks that can be used on the go or just to play on tables.
In Halloween is Grinch Night, for instance, the Grinch comes out of his cave to terrorize the inhabitants of Whoville, yet on the way down to the village he has an accident that prompts him to exclaim: "Gall-don brickle bush, Ehh!
Several researchers have demonstrated that many variables or the interaction of diverse factors impact on the evolution of sexual attitudes of individuals (see e.g., Beckwith & Morrow, 2005; Leiblum, Wiegel, & Brickle, 2003).