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 (brē′kō-läzh′, brĭk′ō-)
Something made or put together using whatever materials happen to be available: "Even the decor is a bricolage, a mix of this and that" (Los Angeles Times).

[French, from bricole, trifle, from Old French, catapult, from Old Italian briccola, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈbrɪkəˌlɑːʒ; French brɪkɔlaʒ)
1. (Architecture) the jumbled effect produced by the close proximity of buildings from different periods and in different architectural styles
2. (Architecture) the deliberate creation of such an effect in certain modern developments: the post-modernist bricolage of the new shopping centre.
[French: odd jobs, do-it-yourself]
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The Collected Poems brings into focus all the elements of Berrigan's art: the dense bricolages of The Sonnets, the serial lyric reportage of "Tambourine Life" and "Things to Do in Providence," the domestic comedy of "Small Role Felicity" and "This Will Be Her Shining Hour," the eloquent sorrow of "Red Shift" and "A Certain Slant of Sunlight," the funny aphorisms and notations of the poems of "500 American Postcards.
Thus we are invited to contribute to the bricolages, to try our own hand at mapmaking, to transform our learning and writing and teaching.
5) People's courts are complex and creative bricolages that appropriate critical signs from various sites, contest the dominant order, and become spaces within which people imagine, communicate and enforce ideas and visions of society and morality.
His early- to mid-'90s bricolages of chopped and tailored Tupperware containers, pencils, and other dime-store miscellany seemed to succeed mostly when they failed to deliver on their attempts to stand in for information-storage systems, instead simply offering curious three dimensional compositions.
Toni Morrison's exploration of the Africanist discourse in the "white" American novel is a testimony to hybridity; Anna Deavere Smith's disquieting bricolages of the fear, force, and powerlessness that constitute Crown Heights or the L.
Encore faut-il le proteger, le valoriser et le fructifier, a travers des plans d'actions concrets et non pas des bricolages, du genre de PATI dans la region d'Immouzzer dans la province d'Agadir Ida Outanane, a titre d'exemple.