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Noun1.bridge hand - the cards held in a game of bridgebridge hand - the cards held in a game of bridge  
deal, hand - the cards held in a card game by a given player at any given time; "I didn't hold a good hand all evening"; "he kept trying to see my hand"
chicane - a bridge hand that is void of trumps
strong suit - a long suit including high cards
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Topics covered include the upward extension of Pascal's triangle, a recurrence relation for powers of Fibonacci numbers, ways to make change for a million dollars, integer triangles, the probability of a perfect bridge hand, higher-dimensional tic-tac-toe, animal achievement and avoidance games, and an algorithm for solving Sudoku puzzles and polycube packing problems.
Stevens takes on Northern Ireland sharp-shooter Mark Allen today, while double world champion Mark Williams meets another Ulsterman, Joe Swail, even though he has his bridge hand in a cast after breaking his wrist last month.
The cool persona which I try to present had clearly deserted me as my clammy bridge hand touched the table.
Bond's trick bridge hand in Moonraker; Yarmouth, 'herring' (c.
The world champion comfortably negotiated his opening match with a 9-2 victory over fellow Essex professional Ali Carter and said: ``These blisters really hurt when I put my bridge hand on the baize.''
I used to practise with the rest, making a bridge hand, copying what they were doing on the table and that is what got me interested.
Because a Bridge hand is typically played in just a few minutes, there is not enough time for a game tree search to search enough of this tree to make good decisions.
"GIB can analyze a bridge hand in about a second and a half," Ginsberg says.
"Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand" is an introductory guide to the game of bridge.
OFF-ROAD DECLARER PLAY: UNUSUAL WAYS TO PLAY A BRIDGE HAND is for intermediate to advanced bridge players seeking less well-known stratagems to enhance the bridge move, from creating entries and surviving bad trump breaks to getting the defenders to help.
And that's not to mention a conviction for actual bodily harm and a soccer career that finished one red card short of a bridge hand.