bridge table

bridge′ ta`ble

References in classic literature ?
The Prince glanced at his watch, and then at the bridge tables ready set out.
She rose and looked over one of the bridge tables for a minute.
His mind stayed clear and his game well played until a massive stroke at age 95 felled him at the bridge table.
The work involves the construction of the superstructure with mechanical equipment and electrical installation of a bridge table in the N983 on the Van Starkenborghkanaal to Aduard.
The Saudi Arabia-headquartered formwork and scaffolding manufacturer is currently displaying new products from its Profemax and Profex lines, and the Manar Bridge Table system.
There are times at the bridge table when playing a misleading card is essential if you are to have any chance of an optimum result.
Fact tables, dimension tables and even the occasional evil bridge table must all be maintained.
Lilly Port, a 98-year-old who is master of her bridge table in Scarsdale, is one of the subjects.
SHORTLY AFTER THE EPISODE at the bridge table, Albert Saxe, in his middle 40's, wangled a captaincy with the Corps of Engineers and went to Washington, where he designed bridges to replace the ones our boys were blowing up in Europe.
The bullet went through the bridge table in front of me (on which the pistol had been staged) and into the ground a matter of inches from my foot.
The update covers KLEMS (capital, labor, energy, materials, and services) statistics, personal consumption expenditures (PCE) "bridge table" statistics, and private equipment and software (PES) bridge table statistics.