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bridge 1

1. A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river or roadway.
2. Something resembling or analogous to this structure in form or function: a land bridge between the continents; a bridge of understanding between two countries.
a. The upper bony ridge of the human nose.
b. The part of a pair of eyeglasses that rests against this ridge.
4. A fixed or removable replacement for one or several but not all of the natural teeth, usually anchored at each end to a natural tooth.
5. Music
a. A thin, upright piece of wood in some stringed instruments that supports the strings above the soundboard.
b. A transitional passage connecting two subjects or movements.
6. Nautical A crosswise platform or enclosed area above the main deck of a ship from which the ship is controlled.
7. Games
a. A long stick with a notched plate at one end, used to steady the cue in billiards. Also called rest1.
b. The hand used as a support to steady the cue.
8. Electricity
a. Any of various instruments for measuring or comparing the characteristics, such as impedance or inductance, of a conductor.
b. An electrical shunt.
9. Chemistry An intramolecular connection that spans atoms or groups of atoms.
tr.v. bridged, bridg·ing, bridg·es
1. To build a bridge over.
2. To cross by or as if by a bridge.

[Middle English brigge, from Old English brycg; see bhrū- in Indo-European roots.]

bridge′a·ble adj.

bridge 2

Any of several card games derived from whist, usually played by four people in two partnerships, in which trump is determined by bidding and the hand opposite the declarer is played as a dummy.

[From earlier biritch (influenced by bridge), from Russian birich, a call, from Old Russian birichĭ.]
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Adj.1.bridgeable - capable of being connected by a bridge or as if by a bridge
unbridgeable - not bridgeable; "a wide unbridgeable river"; "unbridgeable generation gap"
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At three points (four with goal difference) the gap to safety is bridgeable, just as Saturday's two-goal margin was.
Unison's Scottish organiser John Gallacher said: "The difference between what the employers had offered and what would have solved the dispute was a bridgeable gap.
Beat Crusaders, who have topped the Danske Bank Premiership since October, and the Reds will close the gap on the champions to a bridgeable six points.
But it does suggest that primitivism can create a bridgeable gulf, that primitive authenticity is attainable.
The remaining differences in the first three chapters are considered bridgeable while on property, 22 categories of property ownership have been locked in.
Different cultural perspectives and experiences are treated as bridgeable by these metrics, a move that belies the fact that the lived experience of weather with which people are familiar does not align intuitively with the opaque statistical constructs of a global climate (Adger et al.
He is the lowest-placed of the big four - 17th overall, 1min 56sec behind Froome - but he will believe that kind of gap is bridgeable in the mountains.
e Ring Road maybe bridgeable, but the opinion gap between us is regrettably not.
She always reminds her sisters that there is a tension, a never bridgeable gap between the primitive religion and the civilised Christianity.
The current tension lock at km 103 825 (geocode 158) will be converted into a phase separation (this phase separation is not bridgeable so OS ZVO never Betuweroute can feed);