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1. A dental bridge.
2. Dental prosthetics involving a bridge or bridges.


1. (Dentistry)
a. a partial denture attached to the surrounding teeth. See bridge15
b. the technique of making such appliances
2. (Civil Engineering) the process or occupation of constructing bridges



a. a dental bridge.
b. dental bridges collectively.
2. the art or process of building bridges.
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Noun1.bridgework - a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth
dental plate, denture, plate - a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth
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Summary: Jharsuguda (Odisha) [India] Aug 31 (ANI): Demanding resumption of the under-construction rail over bridgework, residents of Rajpur village in Jharsuguda district started a 'rail roko' agitation here on Saturday.
Tenders are invited for Disassembly of existing bridgework grids, painting steel balustrades and steel substructures of technical bridges and re-assembly of platform gratings in the SPODEK hall implemented as part of the investment project called.
Connecting these two states and all the traffic it would generate, up into Newton and more long-distance routes, without any lakes or mountains or bridgework it's the lowest hanging fruit in Amtrak's perspective for development, Meitzner said.
Others argue it is best for the government to refrain from efforts to guide business cycles and that a level of unemployment should be tolerated as a bridgework against inflation.
Dr Zia has many years of experience in delivering highA[degrees]end veneers, crowns, bridgework and dentures.
Paradoxically, meanwhile, ageing will not act in favour of denture care, as older people will continue to acquire dentures at an ever older age due to more sophisticated bridgework.
MANY people in the UK suffer from dental problems such as failing crown and bridgework, decaying teeth and pain.
A gantry system designed and produced exclusively for a key crossing, the Fox River Bridge, is being used to raise concrete girders and then slide them into place on bridgework.
If you are having problems with damaged, unsightly, loose teeth or suffer with ill-fitting dentures or simply can't tolerate wearing them, then dental implants can also be used to support Hybrid Acrylic Bridgework, also known as All-on-4.
The new members include Wanda Granier, who is CEO and majority owner of BridgeWork Partners, a Dallas-based human resources recruiting firm.
Major Widening McGeorge Contracting Co., Little Rock Major Widening Graves & Associates Inc., Pine Bluff Base & Surfacing Koss Construction Co., Des Moines, Iowa Reconstruction Jensen Construction Co., Des Moines, Iowa Bridgework Tanner Construction Co., Ellisville, Miss.
He has responsibility for various major road and bridgework projects in Oman, including the Muscat Expressway, a project which earned him the Engineer of the Year at the Construction Week Awards Oman in 2012.