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Noun1.Bridle road - a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars)bridle road - a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars)
path - a way especially designed for a particular use
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He then, with noiseless haste, took out the horse that he had ridden on the previous evening, saddled and bridled it himself and led the animal into the alley to the right of the kitchen-garden, opened a side door which conducted him to a bridle road, shut it after him, and D'Artagnan saw him pass by like a dart, bending, as he went, beneath the pendent flowery branches of maple and acacia.
"I should learn everything then," she said to herself, still walking quickly along the bridle road through the wood.
In turn, Park Lane will be closed between Ormskirk Road and Bridle Road.
It takes place at the OC Sports and Leisure Centre, Bridle Road, in Bromborough, with acts over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Earlier this year we raised the rainbow flag for the day at our headquarters in Bridle Road to mark the annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).
The former Vestey factory site, in Bridle Road, in Bootle, was completed in June and will become home to a variety of occupiers including Ultracell Batteries (UK), whose move followed a positive recommendation about the space at Vesty by fellow occupier Parr Electrical.
There is also a display on Saturday at the OC Club at Knockaloe Hall, Bridle Road, Bromborough, from 6pm-midnight.
The deal means over 60% of the high-specification wind powered scheme on Bridle Road, Bootle, has now been sold.
And the Bridle Road outfit will be hoping to stay on track when they attempt a giant-killing act at home to Premier Division Ramsbottom United in the first round proper.
He was last seen at his home address in Bridle Road at 10am on Tuesday, September 16.
Firefighters went to Allerton Drive in Mossley Hill just before 10pm yesterday to secure loose scaffolding boards and were called to Bridle Road Bootle just after 6am today where winds had caused a sign to collapse onto a pavement.