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(Law) (said of a barrister) without clients


(ˈbrif lɪs)

having no clients, as a lawyer.
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Adj.1.briefless - (of lawyers or barristers) lacking clients
patronless, unpatronised, unpatronized - having little patronage or few clients; "a restaurant unpatronized by the elite"
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Briefless, the barrister's wife, who is of a good family certainly, but, as we all know, is as poor as poor can be.
He relates to us all the various steps by which his office-boy rose to be the "ruler of the queen's navee," and explains to us how the briefless barrister managed to become a great and good judge, "ready to try this breach of promise of marriage." It is in the petty details, not in the great results, that the interest of existence lies.
"That is a proof of devotion, indeed." She half closed her eyes, and indulged herself in a fascinating picture of a briefless barrister lodged in a garret, writing immortal novels by the light of a farthing dip.