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Noun1.brightness level - the quality of being luminousbrightness level - the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light; "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"
physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
illuminance, illumination - the luminous flux incident on a unit area
incandescence - light from heat
glow, luminescence - light from nonthermal sources
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Choose a higher brightness level for important presentations or documents with colour graphics.
What I really like is that in-between each brightness level there is an Off setting, so you never have to twist the dial more than one click to shut off the dot.
Ten brightness level settings let the user select the exact intensity for the best visibility for the environment.
In addition, the color temperature of the LEDs is optimized for cell culture observation to enhance color reproducibility when raising or lowering the brightness level. The microscope is 20 percent lighter than previous models so it can be moved as needed and placed on a sterile bench when aseptic conditions are required.
The LightStream PJD7830HDL projector boasts 3200 lumens and the LightStream PJD7835HD features a brightness level of 3500 lumens.
Data Modul says the new screens will have a brightness level of more than 2.500cd/[m.sup.2] to provide readability even in outdoor conditions, and the display can still be operated at an ambient temperature of 50[degrees]C (122[degrees]F).
It works by adjustA[degrees] ing the image in extremely fine brightness steps, using accurate colour expression at any brightness level.
The new 27" Radiance[R] Ultra surgical visualization platform from NDS Surgical Imaging boasts the brightest LED backlight in its class.* The brightness level overcomes glare in high ambient light environments, allowing surgeons to more easily visualize recessed anatomy.
There is a default brightness level, with an associated PWM illumination period value, that is less than the full period when the pixels are stable.
** Source: CyberMedia Research study titled "India Half-Yearly Digital Projector Market Review, 2H CY 2011, April 2012 release"; the study covers all standalone digital projectors up to 5,500 lumens brightness level.
Its warm white color temperature is 2,800K, and it has a CRI of 80, a brightness level of 1,000 candela per square meter and it consumes less than one watt of power.