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The scent of brilliantine on his whiskers struck him as particularly pleasant in the fresh air.
Step through the glass frontage of Sid's salon and step into a bygone age of pomade, brilliantine and talc puffers.
He envies his dark hair, slicked back Valentino style, shiny with Brilliantine. He envies the rugged set of his square jaw and the way he winks at him just before he starts to climb as if to say everything's the berries.
Men went from powdered white wigs, mutton chop sideburns and whiskers to centre partings slicked down with brilliantine or perfumed oil.
Garnier Fructis Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray, $3, drugstores
(In a typical star turn in Have His Carcase, Lord Peter deduces copious information about a dead man--his elaborate sense of style, his social class, his downscale work as a hotel ballroom dancer--from the make and shape of his hat and and a few traces of brilliantine.) No genre could be more profoundly revealing, or accepting, of the unspoken assumptions by which people categorize and judge one another.
Guitarist and vocalist Dan said: "While John has a history of playing with class acts like Rolf & Cindy Band and Brilliantine, Ben, Danny and I had been playing together for years as an synth funk band The Fantastic Car.
Magazine, brought together bands such as This Ain't Vegas, Mavis, Brilliantine and The Bubble Project, helping to create the kind of music community that continues to thrive in the city.
Their partners wore hair sleeked down with brilliantine until it looked like black laquer and suggested something no polite woman spoke of.
Midway began with an assortment of products that included Hinds Hand & Body Cream, which had a 30% market share in Mexico; Mejoral, an aspirin product that had a 60-year history of strong brand loyalty and a dominant market share position in Mexico; and the Jockey Club line of brilliantine hair products, a popular brand in the Mexican marketplace for 50 years that provided instant brand recognition and solid sales from day one.
She selected and quickly slipped into a long brown skirt of glossy brilliantine and a brown wool shirt stitched in red silk.