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1. Full of light; shining. See Synonyms at bright.
2. Relating to or being a hue that has a combination of high lightness and strong saturation.
3. Sharp and clear in tone: a recording with brilliant sound.
4. Glorious; magnificent: the brilliant court life at Versailles.
5. Superb; wonderful: The soloist gave a brilliant performance.
6. Having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence: a brilliant mind; a brilliant solution to the problem. See Synonyms at intelligent.
A precious gem, especially a diamond, finely cut in any of various forms with numerous facets.

[French brillant, present participle of briller, to shine, from Italian brillare, perhaps from brillo, beryl, from Latin bēryllus; see beryl.]

bril′liant·ly adv.
bril′liant·ness n.
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Adv.1.brilliantly - with brightness; "the stars shone brilliantly"; "the windows glowed jewel bright"
2.brilliantly - in an extremely intelligent way; "he solved the problem brilliantly"
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بِلَمَعان، بِصورةٍ ساطٍعَه
meî glans, meî afburîum
parlak bir şekildepırıl pırıl


[ˈbrɪljəntlɪ] ADV
1. (= brightly) [shine] → intensamente, con intensidad
brilliantly lit or illuminatedradiantemente iluminado
a brilliantly sunny morninguna mañana de sol radiante
brilliantly colouredde colores vivos or brillantes
2. (= superbly) [play, perform, act] → brillantemente; [written, executed] → con brillantez
she played brilliantlytocó brillantemente, tocó genial
the strategy worked brilliantlyla estrategia funcionó a la perfección
he succeeded brilliantly in politicstuvo una brillante carrera política
a brilliantly simple ideauna idea brillante y sencilla
he was brilliantly successfultuvo un éxito rotundo or total
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[ˈbrɪliəntli] adv
[written, executed, performed, conceived] → brillamment
[simple, funny] → remarquablement
[work] → à merveille; [succeed] → brillamment
[successful] → brillamment
[illuminated] → vivement
brilliantly coloured (many colours)aux couleurs éclatantes; (one colour)d'une couleur vive
brilliantly sunny → radieux/euse
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shine, lit, illuminatedhell; sunnystrahlend; brilliantly coloured (Brit) or colored (US) → in kräftigen Farben
(= very well, superbly)großartig; talentedglänzend; play, performbrillant; funny, witty, simpleherrlich; a brilliantly original ideaeine Idee von glänzender Originalität
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(ˈbriljənt) adjective
1. very bright. the bird's brilliant feathers.
2. very clever. a brilliant scholar.
ˈbrilliantly adverb
ˈbrilliance noun
1. brightness. the brilliance of the moon.
2. cleverness. his brilliance as a surgeon.
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References in classic literature ?
There are scenes of all sorts; some dreadful combats, some grand and lofty horse-riding, some scenes of high life, and some of very middling indeed; some love-making for the sentimental, and some light comic business; the whole accompanied by appropriate scenery and brilliantly illuminated with the Author's own candles.
"Some of the most brilliantly beautiful women I have ever seen, have been French--perhaps the MOST brilliantly beautiful."
Kuno Fischer was then at the height of his fame and during the winter had been lecturing brilliantly on Schopenhauer.
He could have been whatever he turned his agile intellect and his cunning hand to; he had been a schoolmaster and a watch-maker, and I believe an amateur doctor and irregular lawyer; he talked and wrote brilliantly, and he was one of the group that nightly disposed of every manner of theoretical and practical question at the drug-store; it was quite indifferent to him which side he took; what he enjoyed was the mental exercise.
The nights are either brilliantly illumined or very dark, for if neither of the two moons of Mars happen to be in the sky almost total darkness results, since the lack of atmosphere, or, rather, the very thin atmosphere, fails to diffuse the starlight to any great extent; on the other hand, if both of the moons are in the heavens at night the surface of the ground is brightly illuminated.
On the brilliantly lighted avenue he perceived the forlorn woman dodging about like a scout.
In the church there was all Moscow, all the friends and relations; and during the ceremony of plighting troth, in the brilliantly lighted church, there was an incessant flow of discreetly subdued talk in the circle of gaily dressed women and girls, and men in white ties, frockcoats, and uniforms.
At the point where the light shone was a sharp turn, and a little distance beyond this a brilliantly lighted chamber.
It was about three o'clock, and the sun was shining brilliantly. In fact, what less could it do upon so grand an occasion!
The sky was brilliantly blue, and the sunlight on the glittering white stretches of prairie was almost blinding.
But there were vacant seats here and there, and into one of them she was ushered, between brilliantly dressed women who had gone there to kill time and eat candy and display their gaudy attire.
She came off with no flying colors,--that would have been impossible in consideration of her inadequate training; but she did wonderfully well in some of the required subjects, and so brilliantly in others that the average was respectable.