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1. Full of light; shining. See Synonyms at bright.
2. Relating to or being a hue that has a combination of high lightness and strong saturation.
3. Sharp and clear in tone: a recording with brilliant sound.
4. Glorious; magnificent: the brilliant court life at Versailles.
5. Superb; wonderful: The soloist gave a brilliant performance.
6. Having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence: a brilliant mind; a brilliant solution to the problem. See Synonyms at intelligent.
A precious gem, especially a diamond, finely cut in any of various forms with numerous facets.

[French brillant, present participle of briller, to shine, from Italian brillare, perhaps from brillo, beryl, from Latin bēryllus; see beryl.]

bril′liant·ly adv.
bril′liant·ness n.


another word for brilliance
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Future work can be dedicated to the development of an innovative enhancement method enabling the desired gastroenterological sharpness of capsule endoscopic image details, color brilliantness, and artefact-free and that can lead to an underenhancement of specular highlights spots since such spots hide the details in part of the image.
And it's a fitting end to seven weeks of brilliantness.
You never know what is going to happen next, or what brilliantness or craziness will be stepping in front of you."