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1. A brindled color.
2. A brindled animal.

[Back-formation from brindled.]


1. (Animals) a brindled animal
2. (Colours) a brindled colouring
[C17: back formation from brindled]


(ˈbrɪn dl)

1. a brindled coloring.
2. a brindled animal.
[1670–80; back formation from brindled]
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Adj.1.brindle - having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring; used especially of the patterned fur of cats
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
References in classic literature ?
It won't set any better after old Brindle fills up on this dust," observed Martin, belligerency in his brassy voice.
Strengthened by this vision and stimulated by the fact of Wade's increasing weakness, they had sold their few possessions, except the simplest necessities for camping, had made a canvas cover for their wagon, stocked up with smoked meat, corn meal and coffee, tied old Brindle behind, fastened a coop of chickens against the wagon-box and, without faltering, had made the long pilgrimage.
It seemed one of life's harsh jests that now, when the tired, ill-nourished baby had fretted his last, old Brindle, waxing fat and sleek on the wheat pasture, should give more rich cream than the Wades could use.
That Fall they paid the first installment of two hundred dollars on their land and Martin persuaded his mother to give and Robinson to take a chattel on their two horses, old Brindle, her calf and the pigs, that other much-needed implements might be bought.
It all seemed to her a far simpler matter: all that was needed, as Marya Philimonovna had explained, was to give Brindle and Whitebreast more food and drink, and not to let the cook carry all the kitchen slops to the laundry maid's cow.
When he had returned home his mother was milking the brindle cow.
But no milkmaid came; no herdsman drove her back; and Cadmus followed the stray Brindle till he was almost ready to drop down with fatigue.
Brindle had her third wicket in the next over before Shrubsole claimed her fourth scalp in the 37th over, with West Indies losing their last four wickets for just 12 runs.
Save Our Strays says six-year-old red brindle boxer Max has had "quite a sad life through no fault of his own.
She is due to have the surgery soon JASPER: This young male dalmatian's owner split up with partner and then went on to work longer hours, leaving Jasper in the house alone TORY: White and brindle female.
CLAREMONT Road recently received an eight-month-old brindle crossbreed named Pepsi (187).